Our Team

Elizabeth Lamont, MD, MS

Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Elizabeth Lamont is a medical oncologist and scientist who for the last 20 years has (1) analyzed population-level “big data” to inform cancer care and healthcare policy (including so called “clinical effectiveness research” and cancer clinical trial generalizability) (2) studied at a more microscopic level end of life care among individual patients with cancer and their treating oncologists regarding prognostic understanding and goals of chemotherapy treatment, and (3) cared for patients with cancer in the clinic and hospital settings. Despite the importance of research to document current practices to catalyst improvement in the care of patients with care, Dr. Lamont finds the greatest joy in being a part of the hospital teams caring for people with cancer. Her observation that the technologies intended to help physicians to meet well-intended federal care requirements have paradoxically led to the patient to be de-emphasized, with physicians spending more time facing computer screens than patients’ faces, has led her shift her research focus to prevent medicine from moving down a new and dispassionate road. She began to develop ideas and technologies to mitigate some of the “pain points” she studied or witnessed among patients and physicians but soon realized that to be most effective in this new endeavor she needed formal training in biomedical informatics in order to understand (1) the multiple technologies that exist and (2) how they have been or may be leveraged to allow physicians to provide even better care to patients in part through allowing them to spend greater time talking with patients and their family/caregivers again.

Shaan Gandhi, MD, MBA, DPhil

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Shaan Gandhi is an entrepreneur, investor and resident physician in internal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital. At Salient, he focuses on operations and product management. Prior to joining Salient, Shaan was a co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Wellable, a mobile corporate wellness startup, as well as a venture capitalist at Excel Venture Management, a biopharmaceutical and healthcare IT investment firm. He is also a current trustee of the Boston Medical Library and a former trustee of the Massachusetts Medical Society.
Shaan is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and of Harvard Business School, where he was a George F. Baker Scholar. He received his DPhil in medical oncology from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and his BS with honors in biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University.

Our Extended Team

The broader and less formal team is truly global with physicians and nurse collaborators in Boston, Texas, Chicago, and California; engineers in Vietnam and Argentina, a coding team in India; a 3D-printing group in the UK; a graphic artist and website designer in Canada; lawyers in Boston; countless encouraging patients, friends, anonymous reviewers from competitions; and well-wishing strangers across the globe who have helped us to sustain our momentum in developing ourminimal viable products as we juggle parenting, school, or residency prior to meetings with potential funders. We are eternally grateful and humbled by the outpouring of interest and compassion that people express when they learn that the idea for our products came from taking care of patients with cancer. So many people seem to have been touched by cancer and so many immediately ask “how may I help?” What a wonderful world.